Analysis snippets
  1. Kernel

    Specifies the kind of aggregation that applies to the Property. The default value is none.

  2. Kernel

    A String that is evaluated to give a default value for the Property when an object of the owning Classifier is instantiated. This is a derived value.

  3. Kernel

    This is a derived value, indicating whether the aggregation of the Property is composite or not

  4. Kernel

    Specifies whether the Property is derived, i.e., whether its value or values can be computed from other information. The default value is false.

  5. Kernel

    Specifies whether the property is derived as the union of all of the properties that are constrained to subset it. The default value is false.

  6. Kernel

    If true, the attribute may only be read, and not written. The default value is false.