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UML2.3 metaclasses and metamodel overview using hyperlinked UML Parsing Analysis [ARCHIVAL]

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Aug 2016: The current UML version is UML2.5 (from June 2015); UML has undergone significant changes since UML2.3 !
All UML™ specification text appearing in this online reference trail is quoted for educational and conformance analysis purposes only, and to permit convenient web page referencing under Dr Darren Kelly's UML™ Parsing Analysis recipe, and such text remains © Copyright The Object Management Group™ (OMG™); Webel IT Australia reserves © Copyright in all UML™ Parsing Analysis models of quoted specification text.

An incomplete Webel reference zone for Unified Modeling Language™ (UML™) metaclasses and the UML metamodel, with an emphasis on those classes that support the Systems Modeling Language™ (SysML™) systems engineering dialect.

Demonstration metaclass pages with substantial or complete decomposition into hyperlinked text snippets (usually sentences) include:

Not all UML2 metaclasses are translated (yet) completely from the UML superstructure specification, and not all metaclass pages are decomposed (yet) entirely into hyperlinked text snippets yet.

Some dynamic query views

The version of UML considered here was UML2.3; this zone is being progressively updated to reflect recent changes.

Sponsorship is sought to continue this work (possibly on a dedicated web site) so that members of the Unified Modeling Language™ (UML™) community may participate in fine-grained, CMS-driven discussions on the UML specification - with one dedicated page and comment trail per sentence/snippet. In addition, this "snippet-driven engineering" approach enables hyperlinking of specific sentences of the UML2 specification to related OMG issue report pages, to improve issue tracking. Potential sponsors should please phone +61 (2) 9386 0090 or email me (Dr Darren Kelly, proprietor of Webel IT Australia).

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