I am simply in love with the fact that Apple (eventually) chose a UNIX-based operating system and I currently work mostly under Mac OS X, sometimes still under Linux, and very, very rarely under Windows. I often still need to use a UNIX shell under Mac OS X for my work.

I used to be an oft-frustrated Linux "die hard"; I was able to migrate most of my work from Linux to Mac OS X in about 2-3 days and got working almost immediately ! I honestly do not miss Linux much, although I do still miss a couple of K Desktop Enviroment (KDE) applications, like the multiple split panes and internet-fluency of Konqueror, and I miss Weex web mirroring. (BTW I did not manage to get many of the DarwinPorts for Mac OS X Leopard to work and gave up.)

It is not, however, true that everything "just works" under Mac OS X, it is blatantly false advertising. There are in fact a lot of bugs, the worst being the infamous "no wake from pseudo sleep" problem that afflicts the Mac Book Pro, and which has cost me many days of lost work and time, with no solutions from a Mac "genius" or from Apple.

It is true that I have far fewer problems under Mac OS X than I had under Linux (especially with apps) and of course fewer than under Windows. So Apple ads should only say that Macs have far fewer problems than many other machines, and Apple should stop telling fibs.

Anyway, I forgive Apple; I love my MacBook Pro.

When I was a young teenager I used an Apple II then an Apple IIe at high school and that is how I first learnt to program computers.

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