Tutorial: the UML2 Component as a logical and graphical «wrapper» (MagicDraw-centric)

If you want to become a true Unified Modeling Language™ (UML™) power modeller like Dr Darren, study the examples here. Don't leave home without this powerful "trick" !

The happy1 misappropriation of UML2 Components as "parasitic" logical and graphical «wrapper» of otherwise physically packaged Classes, Interfaces, and Comments (and some other UML elements) is a very useful diagramming and modelling technique popularised by Dr Darren over many years.

The use of «wrapper» Components is also a crucial part of the powerful UML™ Parsing Analysis recipe for binding technical text to UML model elements, so this section should be studied before: Tutorial: the UML Parsing Analysis recipe(s).
  • 1. It never ceases to amaze me how unhappy certain UML purests become when they see me demonstrating, promoting, and even teaching this obviously useful - yet semantically "incorrect" - trick. Ignore them; this really works, at least in some UML tools. Eventually, I would like UML2+ to support an official Wrapper element.
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