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ecoSmart Building Pty Ltd

Type of organisation
IT Consultant, software engineer, systems engineer, software architect, web developer
Sydney, Australia
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  • Performed domain analysis using [tm:umpa_] (sentence-by-sentence mapping of technical text to UML relational and graphical models) of the Green Star Office v3 rating tool spreadsheets into an entity-relationship model and object-relational database representation, using a SysML-like model of domain elements: blocks, attributes, value types, quantities, parts, activities.
  • Developed a PHP-driven Drupal™ Content Management System (CMS) as a Project Tracking CMS, including a relational parsing analysis of the GBCA Green Star Office v3 rating tool spreadsheets into a cross-navigable domain analysis entity-relationship model. Includes a representation of the credit groups of the Green Star process as activities allocated to human resources.
  • Performed demonstrations of the developmental ecoSmart web application concept to stakeholders, candidate users, and investors.
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