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We are Australia's Systems Modeling Language (SysML®) specialists!

NEWS: New detailed Systems Modeling Language (SysML®) tutorial trails with examples of slides from the Webel course: TRAIL: Webel's ultimate guide to Systems Modeling Language with MagicDraw/Cameo
News: New full length feature: TRAIL: A SysML Pattern for Digital Twinning
NEWS: New detailed  Webel Parsing Analysis recipe tutorial: TRAIL: Webel SysML Parsing Analysis example: A particle physics taxonomy from Wikipedia

About Webel IT Australia

Webel - in operation in Australia since 2000 - is a Scientific IT Consultancy specialising in:
Proprietor Dr Darren welcomes you to the "Elements of the Web"

IT Training for SysML and UML

Webel promotes graphical, model-based development technologies and offers seminars and workshops in Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) with SysML, and courses in model-driven software engineering with UML.
Instructor Dr Darren is recognised as a leader in graphical software and systems engineering technologies and worked as an expert consultant on MagicDraw® and the MD SysML Plugin (now bundled as Cameo Systems Modeler®).

Drupal CMS web sites

Webel develops database-driven Content Management System (CMS) web sites powered by the latest PHP-driven Drupal™ technology. We engineer "massively data-and-document rich" web sites with highly structured content and media for industry, education, science, and government.

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