Why choose Webel IT Australia for your Drupal Content Management System (CMS) web site ?

You want Webel precisely because Dr Darren, proprietor of Webel, was once a physicist, mathematician, and scientific computing expert, and has spent a life dealing with computers, advanced programming techniques, complex data, and documentation. Because he witnessed the birth of the World Wide Web. Because he knows how software engineering, enterprise software architectures, and systems engineering really work, and exactly how Drupal™ CMS web site technology works. Because Webel, established in 2000, uses web engineering.

Who are you ?

You are from a domain such as industry, engineering, science, education, or a government agency. You have mission-critical data and documentation and/or a technical product or service to promote, share, and maybe also sell online. You want a web software engineer who has been active for many years, is still here, and knows how to create simply-styled web sites that serve serious content rapidly, with quick filtered searches, keyword and metadata searches, highly cross-referenced structured content, and multiple navigation strategies for rapid access. You want somebody who has already tested most of the useful and popular core and contributed Drupal modules, and knows exactly how they fit together. You want somebody who commands advanced object-oriented PHP programming for web and can combine it with the Drupal7 and Drupal8 custom module APIs,

You want to choose Webel, precisely because it is a Scientific IT Consultancy

The so-called "cheaper" alternative

Or you could engage "cheap" web developer monkeys who spends all of their time and your money developing flashy little widgets in the latest and greatest front-end JavaScript library - you know, those client-side things that take up GBs of laptop or mobile phone memory and hog your CPU - who stick business logic in the web browser, and who keep changing the style and theme of your site every month according to the latest fashion (and doing it all wrongly so that long-term it will cost you more, and they will then ask you to pay to fix it). Their clients move from one to the other, round and round in circles, always dissatisfied, because many so-called "cheap" web developers now offering to develop Drupal sites (which technology they have just recently heard is popular) don't know what they are really doing.

Most self-declared web developers are NOT software engineers and they will cost you more long term !
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