Video: A GreenDesk mini-tutorial: Understanding login users and role-based access: Case: A ‘concrete’ user in GreenDesk for Green Star

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In GreenDesk®, a single 'login user' may have more than one 'user role'. User roles determine which features the user may access and what model data may be viewed and edited. This tutorial explores the case of a 'concrete' user (such as an authorised 3rd-party concrete supplier) accessing credits related to concrete.

Some important project model data and values, such as the Total Contact Value, can usually only be edited by managers and authorised power users. This video shows how some access restrictions are optionally relaxed in GreenDesk TRIAL MODE, so that credit applicability calculations can be performed.

NOTE: This mini tutorial video does not work through any actual Credit Worksheets or Credit Submission Forms; please also view one of the full length worksheet tutorial videos !

GreenSoft Pty Ltd is a member of the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA).

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