WaterProcessingPlant - FlowProperty and ItemFlow example with Ports (in BDD with structure)

We now see how the WaterProcessingPlant connects up its parts with ItemFlows that each have an 'itemProperty'.

This is shown here in the structure compartment of WaterProcessingPlant on a BDD so we can see both black-box and white-box views, but it could also be shown in an IBD.

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Note how the 'itemProperty' on the ItemFlow on each Connector helps indicate the transformation of the H2O from dirty:Water through filtered:Water to steam:Steam then clean:Water.

The Connectors with the ItemFlows assigned have directional arrow indicators:

And the Ports with FlowPropert items on their defining Blocks also have nice direction indicators (at least when the name and label of the Port is not shown inside the Port rectangle):

Some matters of style

The parts for :WaterFilter, :Boiler, and :Condensor are anonymous. There is only one of each, and their role is clear, so we can "Trust the Type":

Concise names 'i' and 'o' have been used on the Ports of the parts, because the names of the Types of their Ports in combination with the names of the Blocks of the parts are completely sufficient to describe their roles:

The explicit Port names iDirty:~F_Water and oClean:F_Water help describe the black-box view of the transformation performed by the WaterProcessingPlant. However, if the WaterProcessingPlant block had been instead been called DirtyWaterCleaningPlant the more concise port names 'i' and 'o' might also have sufficed.

We show next the same thing in an IBD but with more information exposed on the Port symbols.

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