ExampleBlock in an Internal Block Diagram (BDD)

Here we explore briefly the other main kind of diagram one uses with Block, the Internal Block Diagram (IBD), typically known in the SysML world simply as an 'IBD'.

The focus of an IBD is on the internal structure of the Block, its internal parts, flows (if present), and specific connections between parts and/or their Ports and boundary Ports:

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We'll only do a quick run-through of some of the capabilities here now:

Part properties and reference properties may be connected using Connectors.

A Block can have Ports, and Ports can have Connectors to internal Parts or Ports of Parts. Port symbols can be shown on the boundary of a Block symbol in a BDD (but in fact Webel Best Practice does not encourage it except for the simplest cases or for educational illustration).

Part properties can also have Ports, and their Ports can have Connectors to internal Parts, Ports of internal Parts, or to boundary Ports of a Block.

Ports may carry flows of any sort of Block, Signal, or ValueType via the FlowProperty mechanism (not shown here yet), and these flows may be in, out, or both (inout), as shown by notational indicators. The Connectors of a Block may also carry one or more ItemFlows with an 'itemProperty' that is owned by the Block - such as item:Flowing in the example here.

A ProxyPort (optionally indicated by «proxy») is a special base of a Port that may have a BindingConnector (indicated by «equal» of '=') to (or from) a compatible internal part or the Port of a Part.

A FullPort (optionally indicated by «full») is a special base of a Port that may have internal parts and Behavior for directly implementing services (but may also in fact have connections to other parts or Ports of parts owned by its parent Block if it needs some help).

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