MagicDraw/Cameo: HOWTO share a "Block-to-Block" ItemFlow - that was created by 'Between Part Types' mode - between two Connectors. (FYI only, not a Webel-recommended technique.)

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The information provided here is strictly FYI only, it is not a Webel Best Practice technique.
This page supplements this previous page (which you should probably read first): In the sequence shown here, there is an existing ItemFlow that was created using the mode Between Part Types (which is NOT recommended here, please use Direct mode instead). That ItemFlow has 'informationSource' B1 and 'informationTarget' B2, and has 'realizingConnector' b1-b2.

One way to "share" that ItemFlow with another Connector bA-bB in another context is to use a smart manipulator. Select the Connector bA-bB, then select the smart manipulator that indicates 'New Item Flow' (although the aim is precisely NOT to create a New Item Flow, but rather to re-use an existing one).

In the dialog that appears select from the pulldown the existing ItemFlow "from B1 to B2", then click Finish. The Connector bA-bB will have been added to the 'realizingConnector [0..*]', and will show the same conveyed Classifier as the 1st Connector.

[util:box_warn{The part Properties bA:B1 and bB:B2 at the Connector ends will NOT have been added to 'informationSource [0..*]' and 'informationTarget [0..*]', which Webel claims is not consistent with the intention of the UML specification.}]
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