01: Digital twin «snippet» text extracts from ANZLIC 2019

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Unlike in the main tutorials for the  Webel Parsing Analysis recipe for SysML®, in this trail we're only going to show the elicited elements in the main model (not the «pa» Parsing Analysis "scratchpad" diagrams where new elements are elicited).

Two of the snippets are contested as contradicting each other, which claim can be recorded using the custom tagged values contradicts and contradictedBy and/or via an editorial «!CONTRADICTS» comment:

A process is not a physical entity
This may in this case be overly pedantic, and it depends on how one interprets 'encompasses', but it is included here for the sake of demonstration, and because in the Webel Twin Pattern for SysML the following policies are important and work together: We'll learn next how these concept are defined in the SysML model.
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