SysPhS-1.1: Annex A.5: Humidifier: Naming not very consistent across parts, input/output Port name, value properties, or constraint parameters

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Many might consider this not very important, but the naming throughout the SysPhS-1.1 specifications is rather inconsistent, and particularly in the (otherwise excellent) Humidifier example.

Ultimately, introducing more consistent habits - such as the Webel Best Practice items - will help inform your modelling, and also can also save you a lot of time, as well as making it easier to analyse your projects, and make nicer diagrams that communicate well.


mLpH2mLpS : VolumeConversion
toPercentage : PercentageConversion

vPC : VaporPressureCalculation
relHumCalc : RelativeHumidityCalculation
The port naming in the Humidifier spec example is particularly uneven. If you are attending a Webel course or following the online Webel trails please don't mimic that spec sample's naming, please use this instead:
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