Vote for a new name for Java EE - 'Jakarta EE' or 'Enterprise Profile' - before 23 Feb 2018

If you have visited planet Java in recent times, you'll know that "Enterprise Java", the Java Enterprise Edition, Java EE, is "moving" from Oracle to the Eclipse Foundation. (I'd have far preferred Apache Foundation, but so be it.)

The options for names of the top-level specification projects have been whittled down to:

  • 'Jakarta EE', where Jakarta of course is a "sub-family" of Java-related open source projects within the Apache Foundation.
  • 'Enterprise Profile'

You can vote here til 23 Feb 2018.

I think Enterprise Profile is not a bad name, but the trouble with it is that it is too vague and does not have any clear reference to or link to Java technology. Another popular suggestion I quite liked, Open EE, did not get up.

I have voted for Jakarta EE, which will likely have the acronym JEE (which ironically was a common mistake often-used instead of Java EE). I like the fact that it has a direct historical association with Java, even if that association is only clear to existing Java users, and I like the fact that it is affiliated with the Apache Foundation. (Also, perhaps more trivially, if new projects must use a new namespace, is easier than writing every time.)

Many recruiters (at least in Australia) still ask for "J2EE developers" about 10 years too late, and seem to get upset when you correct them and explain what Java EE is/was, perhaps because it might yet again reveal they in fact have no idea at all about the technology the are seeking placements for, and they are just lazily trying to tick off a box with J2EE on it, rather than knowing stuff. The mind boggles over how they'll handle this new major technology name change.

Some background leading up to these final 2 candidates

The short version of the long story is that after a gazillion suggestions - none of which were allowed to include the word Java because of Oracle silliness - only those two names above are left on the table. You can go crazy like pigs in mud reading about the entire discussions leading up these two name choices here:

Oracle have been truly horrible and petty not letting the word Java be used in the new name. Everybody is going to keep calling it
(Enterprise) Java for years to come anyway. They wanted to off-load the technology, yet keep their control of the technology, have their Java cake and eat it, then make life for everybody who uses and loves Java harder.

What I did NOT want, and thankfully is not happening, is for the top-level specifications to have the word 'Eclipse' in them. Thankfully, common sense has prevailed, and the acronym EE4J will now I understand only be used for the Eclipse-specific implementation of the specs. Good. Phew.

Enterprise Java should not be considered now "an Eclipse project", it has a special status and special history, and the arguments that have been offered that the top-level project name has to include the word Eclipse because all other Eclipse projects do is typical Eclipse bullying. Yes, I said bullying.

My answer to the Eclipse naming convention argument ? Don't use that naming convention. You don't have to apply it, it's not a holy rule, unless you think Eclipse eclipses everything.

To the Eclipse Foundation: be nice. Java has a special status, and has devoted fans of non-Eclipse Java technologies such as NetBeans IDE, and Apache/Jakarta. Be nice. Respect the Java world outside Eclipse.

My other concerns, outside the matter of naming, is that my beloved NetBeans, which fairly blasts Eclipse IDE out of the water for JavaServer Faces (JSF) and XML work, will be chucked out as the default IDE for tutorials, and that GlassFish might also suffer under the Eclipse Foundation.

Eclipse does not Eclipse everything

I once worked on a project where an Eclipse-addict truly did not understand that UML2 is a version of the Unified Modeling Language (UML) from the Object Management Group (OMG), because all he seemed to do was read Eclipse documentation and confused it with the UML2 - Eclipse project. Not the fault of Eclipse Foundation of course, but in my experience, all too typical, because too often, Eclipse orbits around Eclipse with Eclipse developers speaking about Eclipse which eclipses everything because it's Eclipse and Eclipse has Eclipse projects that eclipse other projects except those that also orbit around Eclipse which is Eclipse and ...

I have used Eclipse IDE over the years, a lot. It is a good IDE, mostly. It is NOT "the standard" IDE for Java, and it also not the best for all tasks. NetBeans IDE is utterly awesome for Enterprise Java and JavaServer Faces (JSF) development (in combination with GlassFish, out of the box, or Payara), and it does EXACTLY what I need and ONLY what I need, without the clutter of Eclipse IDE.

Simply put: I get sick and tired of Eclipse-obsessed developers who know nothing about NetBeans IDE, whereas I do know about Eclipse. A lot.

I hope that NetBeans IDE more than survives, and really thrives, under this move of Enterprise Java.