Focus BDD with embedded IBD and electrical schematic: for Group_AREF with a single capacitor

Demonstrates the basic Webel pattern for combining the Block Definition Diagram (BDD), the embedded Internal Block Diagram (IBD), and an electrical schematic image in a single "focus" BDD.
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To keep things more concise, only the stereotypes icons are shown on «node» Ports. Boundary Ports additionally show the stereotype keywords.

There is navigation from the IBD to the BDD (and vice-versa).

For the sake of this trail, the ports compartments are shown not only on the focus block Group_AREF, but also on the "secondary" blocks it depends on.

Note that while the default unit for the basic Capacitor is arbitrarily taken as nF it is overridden as needed for specific capacitors using dedicated ValueTypes.

Note also the clear indication along (with copyright metadata) of the source of the embedded schematic diagram portion:

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