Focus BDD: Group_BuiltinLED

This includes an extra embedded Internal Block Diagram (IBD) to give some context to the usage of Group_BuiltinLED.
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This trail is basically for a fixed (already designed) system, but if you were creating a design solution you could have block Group_BuiltinLED reference «led» LED_BUILTIN and have the extension «led» KPT-2012YC as a particular design solution. (Note that that same type of «led» KPT-2012YC is used elsewhere again for completely separate purposes.)

The dual opamp pack LMV358LIST is shared, the built-in LED circuit only uses the 1st of the opamps.

The provision of power +5V and GND to the Ports for VCC+ and VCC- is shown in a later slide for Group_VIN. Note that whatever policy is applied to VCC+ and VCC- applies to both opamps.

The d13 pin of the :Header1 and the p26 pin of the ATmega2560 mcu chip are connected to the «net» PB7 which is also connected to a Port of the block Group_BuiltinLED with its opamp and protecting resistor (via a resistor array).

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