Webel: Psy/MPsy: Psychrometrics for Mathematica: Humidity ratio (absolute humidity) is indicated by a lower case 'w' and measured in mass (water) / mass (dry air) units, so the SI and IP representations are equal Real (without an explicit unit system)

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Many references on psychrometrics indicate humidity ratio (absolutely humidity) with pseudo units such as kg(w)/kg(da) or lb(w)/lb(da), where the "(w)" stands for mass of water and "(da)" stands for mass of dry air, and there are many opther variations on such notations.

In the WebelPsy package and MPsy class for Mathematica, the humidity ratio 'w' is simply represented as a Mathematica Real, under the understanding (convention) that it represents the mass of contained water vapour per mass of dry air.

The use of "grains" (found widely in the HVAC&R industry) and other measures of absolute humidity are avoided here completely.

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