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Mathematica isn't just brilliant for symbolic algebra, data analysis, and visualisation, it is a simply amazing tool for generating high quality maths art, such as these amazing colourful high resolution 8K Tessellation Art images, which are available for purchase as quality Acrylic Float Frame mounted prints, delivered worldwide.

Q: What types of simulation, execution, and calculation are available for SysML with MagicDraw/Cameo?


There are a number of ways of simulating and executing various aspects of Systems Modeling Language v1 (SysML®), and they are not just novelties! They also really help your models become more robust, logical, and organised.

There is "internal" tool simulation of Activities and StateMachines based on fUML (or variations of it).

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Webel IT Australia offers professional consultancy services for applications of the incredibly powerful Wolfram Mathematica to mathematical modelling, data analysis and visualisation, systems modelling, and physics modelling.

Service: Wolfram Mathematica: Data analysis, mapping, transformation, and visualisation


Webel IT Australia are experts in applications of the powerful Wolfram Mathematica system for symbolic algebra, equation analysis, numerical analysis, physics and engineering simulations, data analysis and transformation, plotting, generative graphics, 3D modelling, animation, image processing, and rapid desktop GUI development for deployment to Wolfram Player Pro.