GreenSoft GreenDesk Videos

A list of all GreenDesk® enterprise web application intro and tutorial videos.

Video: A GreenDesk mini-tutorial: Terminology: Login User vs. Author (user profile) vs. Actor (human resource role)


GreenDesk® has features for managing the team members of a project. It distinguishes between Login Users (who have access to GreenDesk and have one or more pre-defined 'access roles') and Actor elements (human resource roles on a real-world project, which can be created freely, and can be allocated to GreenDesk activities to help track credit completion for project management).

Video: A GreenDesk mini-tutorial: Understanding login users and role-based access: Case: A ‘concrete’ user in GreenDesk for Green Star


In GreenDesk®, a single 'login user' may have more than one 'user role'. User roles determine which features the user may access and what model data may be viewed and edited. This tutorial explores the case of a 'concrete' user (such as an authorised 3rd-party concrete supplier) accessing credits related to concrete.

Video: A GreenDesk mini-tutorial: How to allocate Activities (tasks) to Actors (human resource roles) for project management [SILENT]


In GreenDesk®, points towards the Credits of green rating schemes and industry standards are earned by completing one or more Activities (tasks), which can be allocated to one or more Actors (human resource roles) for project management.

This video shows how GreenDesk Activities (tasks) can be easily allocated to Actors (human resource roles) from many page views and tables involving Activities.

Video: Introduction to GreenDesk for Green Star Design & As Built


GreenDesk® is a powerful Enterprise Web Application for tracking and preparing applications for environmental rating certification schemes, industry certification schemes, and certifications for industry standards. There are different versions of GreenDesk® under development for various national and international certification schemes and standards.