Allocation table in the MagicDraw/Cameo tool

This slide shows a Generic Table adapted for the Allocate relationship in the MagicDraw SysML Plugin or Cameo Systems Modeler® tools. This diagram type serves as a starting point only; you usually have to tune the scope and type filters.

The table is for part of the Hybrid SUV sample problem. The relevant allocations are indicated in these two diagrams:

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The Scope is set to package 'HSUV Behavior'. The Element Type is set to 'CallBehaviorAction, Activity, ObjectFlow, Continuous'. The allocations are mostly as already shown in the matrix in the previous slide, however, because we have now included Activity, there are some additional definition level allocations to Blocks visible here.

Some tool tips:

This concludes the main part of this trail. If you are, however, brave and curious you may wish to visit next the advanced slides about some DOs and DON'Ts of using swimlane allocation.

Otherwise, it is recommended you visit this trail section on requirements engineering with SysML®, MagicDraw SysML Plugin, and Cameo Systems Modeler®, which also leverages the matrix and table features we've explored here:

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