Redefined Properties: Home entertainment system

Learning how to use redefined Properties in SysML domain modelling is crucial:
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The part property screen:Screen has been redefined in the context of block HD_TV as screen:HD_Screen[1] and in the context of UHD_TV as uhd_screen:UHD_Screen[1]. (In the redefined variants the multiplicity has been set explicitly to [1].)

While you can set redefined Properties using the specification dialog, it is recommended that you master this tool trick:

Note that in the internal structure compartment of the block HD_TV the property symbol of the property version screen:HD_Screen[1] does NOT show the inheritance caret '^' indicator, because it is owned directly by HD_TV.

You may if you wish use a different name when redefining a Property, as shown for uhd_screen:UHD_screen[1]:

But the usual Webel Best Practice is:

For experts: Formally, you can also use a Generalization relationship between an Association with a specialising end Property and the corresponding Association with the more general end Property.

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