Female 0.1" pin header strips - redefinition "ladder" view


The Arduino Mega2560Rev3 has 2 single row headers and 1 double row header, all with 0.1" pitch female pins.

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The pin feature is in fact here, as a modelling choice, a Port with AggregationKind 'composite' in the PinHeader hierarchy and a reference Property with AggregationKind 'shared' in the PinHeaderRow hierarchy (where row has AggregationKind 'composite').

Notice how with the Association notation here one can't tell that pin is in fact a Port? Some SysML modellers (influenced it seems by some spec examples) use an additional «port» stereotype for such cases, but this is not recommended [wca:wbp]:

We'll see in the next slide how to use the ports listing compartment for this case instead.

All of the blocks shown are abstract. The pin properties are a {union} of the specific pins that will provided for specific boards in concrete sub-blocks.

Note how the row property of PinHeader_0pt1in_F_double is redefined to be the {union} of row1 and row2.

Not every SysML modeller is a fan of such redefinition "ladder" associative-style diagrams. In the next slide we show similar information for the Properties using mostly just compartments.

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