QuantityKind and ValueType example - length vs radius vs radius of tire

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The links typed by Associations are only shown to reveal some of the underlying QUDV machinery, you don't need those to create your own Units and ValueTypes.

The SimpleQuantityKind length from the QUVD ModelLibrary has the SimpleUnit metre. Another SimpleQuantityKind radius is linked to it, corresponding to an Association in the QUVD ModelLibrary that has one end 'general', which appears on the radius instance as a Slot assigned the value length (noting Generalization can't be used with instances).

Both length and radius are linked to the same SystemOfQuantities instance ISO 80000-3 Quantities.

Generalization can be used with ValueType to reuse and adapt radius. Why extend ? Here's just one possible reason:

For example, one might document the pressure and seating of a tire for standard measurement of its outer radius.
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