The reflecting telescope uses mirrors to collect and focus light

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The  Webel Parsing Analysis recipe for SysML® must be applied in awareness of the model, which eventually becomes far more precise than typical human language.

Presumably it is not just a reflecting telescope that can 'form an image', but any telescope, where telescopes that deal with the electromagnetic spectrum will have more specific kinds of images. The block Image represents a high level of abstraction, any kind of image formed by any kind of Telescope (such as the "image" for a neutrino telescope).

A "semantic triple" keyword «forms» has been introduced, but this time it is not only applicable to a Dependency, it can also be applied to an Association, the end Properties of which can be inherited. According to the rules, a stereotype keyword used like a semantic triple can only be applied to a uni-directional Association:

The uni-directional «forms» Association from Telescope to block Image is matched by a more specialised «forms» Association between TelescopeEM to block ImageEM (being a quite general kind of image of any electromagnetic radiation) and in turn by another from OpticalTelescope and OpticalImage, with the Type of the property image being progressively redefined.

Although the word 'light' is sometimes used for any electromagnetic radiation, the block Light as introduced is restricted to «optical» light, which as defined in the following [DISPUTED] snippet would include UV, visible, and infrared:

As we'll see from later snippets, this is not quite right; "optical" definitely does not include all of UV and infrared, and certainly does not include wavelengths up to 1mm.

Clearly OpticalImage has something to do with «optical» Light, for now this is indicated with a simple Dependency.

Any old Mirror «reflects» Light. But we have to be careful with «focuses» and «collects», because, for example, a convex mirror (a kind of CurvedMirror) does not really collect light (although it might help change the focus of collected light). For now it suffices to indicate that any OpticalTelescope itself both «collects» and «focuses» light.

Finally, the 'aka' attribute on the custom stereotype «pa:term» has been used to apply the tagged value {aka = reflector} on the block ReflectingTelescope.

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