An object infinitely far from the optical system forms an image at the rear focal plane

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It is asserted that an OpticalTelescope always has a single focalPlane:FocalPlane[1] associated with a single focalPoint:FocalPoint[1], whereas any OpticalElement may have one of each. There is also now a clear definition of FocalLength.

You might have noticed that the OpticalTelescope as an entire optical system is starting to share a lot of features with any OpticalElement. They won't be integrated yet by having OpticalTelescope indirectly extend OpticalElement, but it's tempting to think of it. For now it suffices to have constraints to assert that the focalPoint and focalPlane of the OpticalTelescope are the same as those of its objective (which is an OpticalElement).

The object:DistantObject has now effectively been equated with an 'object infinitely far from the optical system'. The image is as before «produced at» the focalPlane, and has a Connector to its corresponding object, which is in fact typed by the 1-to-1 Association from the previous diagram.

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