Figure 2: Association block with internal structure and connector properties in SysML (and Figure 3)

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SysPhS describes a preprocessing strategy for an AssociationBlock with a ConnectorProperty: The MagicDraw SysML Plugin and Magic Cyber-Systems Engineer ® (Cameo Systems Modeler®) tools do not seem to perform this pre-processing (it is not suggested here that they should). If SystemA with a Connector typed by the AssociationBlock is blindly exported to Modelica (without the application of any additional SysPhS stereotypes) the result is:

model SystemA
  SystemA _SystemA;
  model SystemA
    Mass m;
    Ground g;
    FrictionAssociation fa;
  end SystemA;
  model Mass
    Flange flange;
  end Mass;
  model Ground
    Flange flange;
  end Ground;
  model FrictionAssociation
    Flange p2;
    Flange p1;
    Friction friction;
  end FrictionAssociation;
  model Flange
    Flange surface2;
    Flange surface1;
  end Flange;
  model Friction
    F_Friction fl1;
    F_Friction fl2;
  end Friction;
  model F_Friction
  end F_Friction;
end SystemA;
Because no SysPhS-relevant properties are defined on the ports the exported Modelica model does nothing. We'll see later how to create a meaningful signal flow or physical interaction model.

In the above F_Friction is the name of the type of the ports on the block F_Friction named according to Webel Best Practice, under the assumption that something is flowing.

Also, the part property g:Ground has an explicit name for consistency with m:Mass.

Dr Darren says: 'A little bit OCD is not a bad thing in this business!'
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