BDD & IBD: HumidifierSystem

This diagram shows the diagramming pattern that will be used for all Blocks in this Webel IT trail version of the Humidifier example, starting at the top-level HumidifierSystem block:
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Right at the top you'll see a package diagram symbol as index for the model (because we're at the top level so there's no higher level "client" block to navigate to):

A nice Block diagramming pattern for MagicDraw/Cameo

The system shall be presented slightly differently in this trail, keeping in mind: (This trail does, however, include some large overview summaries that correspond to the spec figures later.)

For each Block we'll see (where applicable):

  1. A "focus" BDD for a single Block.
  2. The focus Block symbol emphasised through increased line width.
  3. The parts and/or values and/or ports listing compartments of the focus Block.
  4. Any extending «scenario» block for it (suffixed with _S1) showing typical run values (if present).
  5. Any ConstraintBlock that supports it, including its Constraint equations and parameters.
  6. Any StateMachine that supports it.
  7. An "embedded" Internal Block Diagram (IBD) for the focus Block OR a Parametric Diagram for its supporting ConstraintBlock (if present) OR a StateMachine Diagram for its supporting StateMachine (if present).
That last bit leverages this simply brilliant feature from MagicDraw/Cameo: And each diagram shall also meet this Webel Best Practice:

This navigation pattern will make more sense as we work through the trail to the more specific blocks that do the work, this top-level one just carries some parts. Note also that in most IBDs the Type of each Port won't be shown, they are just shown here once at the top-level.

For educational/illustrative purposes here we'll expose the :parts and/or :values listing compartments in IBDs. If you are following a strict systems engineering approach while developing a system, you might like to have both black-box and white/gray-box IBD views.

We're going to drill down into the easier HumidifiedRoom side of the system first.

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