Mathematica: v12.3.1.0: How to obtain values of physical constants

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As of version 9.0, physical constant functionality is built into the Wolfram Language. However, it's now so obvious how to get at the actual value of some constants.

Consider, for example, the Stefan-Boltzmann Constant:




M == (σ) T4 ε

Mathematica has a definition of the σ, but it's not obvious how to get at the value and use it (unless you are using it for a scaled Stefan-Boltzmann units system). The following will access it to the desired numerical precision:

N[UnitConvert@Quantity@"StefanBoltzmannConstant", 10]

 5.670374419 x 10-8 kg/(s3K4)

To find the list of all of the known names of physical constants use:

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