Example 08b: Humidification: As a 2-step (3-state) process

Example problem from: Example question (in abbreviated form):
There is an error in the statement of the dry bulb temperature (claims is 100°F) and the relative humidity (claims is 39.6%) at intermediate State0 (Node0) between State1 and State2 in the course PDF worked solution
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Following on from the previous example, the humidification process is represented here using Webel MPsy objects as a two-step (three state) process, a sensible heating without water content change from State1 to an intermediate "State0", then a humidification change to State2.

Note how the dry bulb temperature 'tdb' of the object for State0 is taken from the 2nd (final) State2, whereas the humidity ratio 'w' of the object for the "intermediate" State0 is taken from the 1st (initial) State1.

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