It is NOT true in SysML that you "should" always use a SysML FullPort or a SysML ProxyPort instead of a "standard" Port, and it's not even always a good idea (and the spec states this very clearly in multiple places)!

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Dr Darren says:
This is one of the biggest misconceptions I encounter, in part because the MagicDraw SysML and Cameo tools unnecessarily "hide" standard Ports in many places (presumably under the impression that just because SysML introduces something extra only that should be used). Read these relevant "snippets" from the spec and you'll see it is simply not true!

From the SysML-1.6 specification itself:

Webel Best Practice strongly recommends that you DO NOT commit to using ProxyPort or FullPort early on in projects unless you are a true expert and know exactly why you are doing it. And not using ProxyPort and FullPort will also save you a lot of notational clutter.
It will help if you "un-tweak" some things in MagicDraw/Cameo:
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