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The gist is that a FullPort can be any kind of port EXCEPT a ProxyPort, because being a FullPort is not about what it does, it's about how it does it, namely itself (or in collaboration with other elements):
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This slide deliberately does not expose any of the Features of these ports yet, we'll see how to do that later.

A FullPort can be port with a contract of provided and required DirectedFeatures, or a port with one or more FlowProperty items, or it may be specify a contract using provided and required Interfaces.

It is not recommended here that you mix these modes!
You don't have to always show the «full» keywords, they mostly just add clutter, noting that clients of a Port do not EVER need to know whether a Port is a FullPort, a ProxyPort, or a "standard" Port, they just have to see the contract Features: Also:
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