Dr Darren Kelly's web technologies résumé

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Please click here to download a printable PDF version of a concise Web Technologies résumé version for Dr Darren Kelly, proprietor of Webel IT Australia, summarising his extensive professional experience as an expert consultant and developer in a wide range of web technologies - especially Drupal™-driven Content Management System (CMS) web sites.

Other résumé and CV versions

For a concise Model-Based Engineering résumé version - with a focus on use of database-driven Enterprise Java (Java EE) web application development technologies, W3C XML and XML Schema data modelling, model-driven development and software architecture using graphical Unified Modeling Language (UML®), systems engineering and analysis using Systems Modeling Language (SysML®), and promotion of these technologies through Webel IT training seminars and workshops and online education - please visit: Dr Darren Kelly's model-based software and systems engineering résumé
For a full-career biographical CV (intended as a reference only) please visit: Dr Darren Kelly's full-career Curriculum Vitae.
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