Using the plain ol' UML InformationFlow in SysML

UML has a basic system for indicating flows of types of information at a high level of abstraction.
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In this example, an Association named A-B between blocks A and B has an InformationFlow with conveyed Classifier Data, which happens to be a SysML ValueType.

In the structure compartment of block Context a specific connection has been made between the anonymous part properties :A and :B (typed by blocks A and B). The anonymous Connector :A-B is typed by Association A-B. A compatible InformationFlow with conveyed classifier SpecificData has been applied to the Connector, where SpecificData is a specialisation of Data.

Beware that: The reality is that, while the UML InformationFlow is supported in SysML, you are "supposed" to use a SysML ItemFlow (which extends InformationFlow), because it has some extra constraints for use with FlowProperty on blocks. And the tool in fact guides you to do this: The model for the diagram here has been "fudged" to use InformationFlow only. We see next how to use a SysML ItemFlow on an Association.
ASIDE: If you try to reproduce this diagram you may encounter this strange bug: The diagram here is actually HACKED to show how it is supposed to work.
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