The Drancel motion-driven real-time synthesis "atom"

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There are versions of the Drancel accelerometer-driven real-time synthesis system for:

  • Synthesis of light from body motion (with no digital imaging except non-corruptive photography and video) using mobile micro-controller systems.
  • Synthesis of sound from body motion (using both computer-based and mobile micro-controller based systems).
  • Synthesis of computer-generated visuals from body motion (using PureData/GEM and Java™ control software called DranceWare).
While past R&D involved sound and visuals synthesis, the current R&D focus is on: The Drancel light synthesis system
Nearly all development of the Drancel systems leverages model-based systems engineering with Systems Modeling Language v1 (SysML®) and model-driven software engineering with Unified Modeling Language (UML®), and the Drancel systems are used as a source of educational examples for the Webel IT Australia IT Training seminars and workshops.
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