Block, Generalization, Association: Home entertainment system

We've seen in a previous slide some of the possible compartments on a Block symbol in a BDD; now it's time to see some Relationships between more than one Block on a BDD. Our example problem for this part of the trail is a Home Entertainment System, starting with the TV:

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The Block TV is abstract: It has Associations to other Blocks Speaker and Screen that are likewise abstract: The Speaker and Screen are part properties owned by the TV block: It is specified here that the TV has at least one [1..*] internal speaker:Speaker and exactly one screen:Screen according to this rule:

The abstract block TV is a generalization of the concrete specializations block HD_TV and block UHD_TV. (In reality of course one might have variations on HD and UHD TVs, but making them concrete here is sufficient for this example.)

The following Webel Best Practice block naming option has been used here (we'll see some other alternatives later):

And in case there are any inheritance-loathing software elephants in the room:

So extend happily away (at least for now)!
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