Overview of all diagrams after moving elicited model elements out of the 'source' zone

A typical Webel Parsing Analysis project after some elicited model elements have been moved out of the 'source' area of the containment tree into the main project:
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The elicited model elements do not remain in the source zone, they must be sooner or later moved under Models or Packages within the main project area.

Consider also this alternative naming:

At this stage, the specific packaging of the elements is not important, and as always according to Webel Best Practice we prefer "logical" modelling over "physical", so we can keep it loose. This is assisted by using the (owner) indicator on most symbols in package diagrams and BDDs.

It has been decided so far that lepton gets its own sub-Model under particle, and that interaction deserves its own top-level Model package (ignoring for now any finer considerations of whether "particles" are just oscillations in a quantum field, and the role of "force carrying" particles).

Because only Package Diagrams are shown here, not too much information about the features of blocks is shown; in the Webel recipe, that's the job of a "focus" BDD as we'll see next.

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