Calculate whether a specific particle is a lepton using SysML parametrics

A SysML Parametric diagram for the constraint block IsLepton can be used to compute the derived value property /calcIsLepton:Boolean and compare it with the declared value isLepton:Boolean:
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If you have Cameo Systems Modeler® or Cameo Simulation Toolkit® you can run the calculation in the context of an instance :Lepton (shown in the previous BDD) to confirm that /calcIsLepton:Boolean is true for any Lepton.

This is intended as a final presentation diagram, so the 'members' tagged value is not shown in the snippet symbol (but the 'source' should always be shown). One also usually need not show quite so many dashed-lined "anchors" indicating traceable elication of model elements once they've done their job in a Parsing Analysis «pa» scratchpad diagram elsewhere.

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