The classic Cassegrain telescope has a parabolic primary mirror and a hyperbolic secondary mirror

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The diagram also includes an embedded captioned figure:

Any CassegrainReflector is characterised by having a ConvexHyperbolicMirror as its secondary.

(Inadvertently, the model has ended up so far with a convention that only convex variants of mirrors have 'Convex' explicitly prefixed in the name.)

The ClassicCassegrainReflector has a concave HoledParabolicMirror as its primary.

A RitcheyChrétienReflector has a concave HoledHyperbolicMirror as its primary. We are told also:

It is beyond the scope of this trail to model coma and spherical aberration in detail, but they can be represented for now by the ValueTypes ComaMeasure and SphericalAberrationMeasure, used to type value properties in any OpticalTelescope.

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