35: Activity ActualisePhysicalAsset and «STUB» ManifestActualAssetFromPotentialAsset

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And finally, Activities representing the actual creation of a new «physical» ActualPhysicalAsset :
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The outer level ActualisePhysicalAsset is essentially a wrapper for managing the binding through a CallOperationAction for bind of the created (manifested) «physical» ActualPhysicalAsset to the «digital» @Entity , which transitions from state UnBound to state Bound. After this, the role of the «digital» @Entity as "template" ends, and it can take on a new role as part of the synchronisation loop.

The actual creation (building) of the «physical» ActualPhysicalAsset is represented by the «STUB» ManifestActualAssetFromPotentialAsset. In practice, information from the «digital» PotentialPhysicalAsset and the "template" or "prototype" «digital» @Entity it carries would be used to build or otherwise make the «physical» ActualPhysicalAsset as a «physical» PhysicalEntity in the real world, represented by the innermost StubMakePhysicalAsset. The CallOperationAction for manifest asserts that the «physical» ActualPhysicalAsset indeed now Exists (and has mass in the real world).

And now it's time to see it all running!

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