11.3 Component behavior - Electrical components

The following image combines a Block Definition Diagram (BDD) representation of MagicDraw/Cameo SysPhSLibrary components vs the SysPhS-1.1 spec table 11.3.4 Electrical components and an unwired representation of them in a Internal Block Diagram (IBD):
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Beware that:
Note how some of the Port names have been re-mapped using the 'name' tagged value of «ModelicaPort» or «SimulinkPort».
There are a couple of subtleties when dealing with the electrical components.

The Port 'p' on the SysPhS Electrical.Ground block is 'inout'. It maps to a Modelica Pin, where:

A typical implementation of Modelica.Electrical.Analog.Interfaces.Ground is:

connector Pin "Pin of an electrical component"
  SI.ElectricPotential v "Potential at the pin";
  flow SI.Current i "Current flowing into the pin";
end Pin;

So current i flowing back out of the Ground is negative.

Also on the Modelica side, it's worth noting the particular usage of the word 'Port':

Where Modelica.Electrical.Analog.Interfaces.OnePort is extended by many basic analog components such as Modelica.Electrical.Analog.Basic.Resistor.

It's worth noting that use of the term Connector in UML/SysML is very different from that of the connector keyword in Modelica, as explained under: Concerning definitions: "a connector end" vs "a connector between 2 ends" vs "connection" vs "connect" in various technologies.

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