BDD & PD: EvaporationCalculation2

This diagram shows the block EvaporationCalculation2 with a supporting ConstraintBlock EvaporationCalculation2Constraint:
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Whereas the EvaporationCalculation "computation block" estimated the amount of vapor generated, the EvaporationCalculation2 block "filters" the result for whether any vapor could have been generated at all, by checking whether the water temperature is over 99.99 °C.

Note that in this context boilingTemperature is 99.99 °C, in some other contexts it is 100 °C. The difference is important!

There seems to be a major error in this part of the Constraint equation:


Recall that:

Note that there's a conversion from VaporRate_L_per_s to VaporRate_mL_per_h.

Recall that this output "vapor" measure was also used by WaterTank to estimate the remaining water volume in the tank.

This brings us full circle, we are now ready to simulate the system
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