SysMLv1: MagicDraw/Cameo: INTRINSIC GOTCHA: Care must be taken with ownership of Activities used as UseCase scenarios vs the ‘subject’ of the UseCase. Make sure you don’t get an Activity ‘context’ mismatch! It's up to you to manage it as intended.

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Please note firstly that just because a UseCase symbol appears inside the rectangle of a subject Classifier does not mean that it is owned by that Classifier and can only have that one Classifier as 'subject':

MagicDraw/Cameo has nice automated handling of the 'subject' of UseCases when moved between Block symbols in Use Case Diagrams. But in the case where a scenario Activity for a Use Case is owned by a Block, caution must be exercised that the intention is the same as the ownership in the model containment browser, otherwise the context of the Activity can get out of sync as shown in the image.

This is not a tool bug or issue, it's a consequence of the flexible approach for organising UseCases in SysML. It's up to you to manage it. Whether you choose to have UseCases owned by blocks at all is a modelling choice, you can instead have them owned by separate Packages, de-coupled from any candidate 'subject' blocks as shown, however then you miss out on this nice tool feature:

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