The number.append Activity as entry Behavior for the PartialDial State

Before proceeding, recall that:
The Activity name number.append was contrived to match the (seemingly equally contrived) notation used in the UML-2.5.1 spec Figure 14.7, it is NOT a recommended Activity name!
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If you've been following this tutorial you'll already know the sequence of InitialNode, ReadSelfAction, and ReadStructuralFeatureAction to get at number:Number - noting that the context class here is Dialer. Then a CallOperationAction is used to execute the operation append(n:int).

But where does the value for the input Parameter corresponding to that ActivityParameterNode n:int come from? It is "magically" matched against the Parameter of the Operation digit(n:int) from Dialer of the CallEvent trigger that was used on the Transitions that enter the Dialing State!

Now let's see how append(n:int) works

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