Video: 4K: Drancel Chromæsthesia: “Spin Lily” study: Part 1: Gallery space video mix


Created with the amazing Drancel Chromæsthesia body motion light synthesis system invented by PLAY (Dr Darren Kelly), this new "gallery" video compilation is a study of rotatable lily ornament (found at Headhunters, Bondi Junction, Australia).

4K: SILENT: What can you hear in your mind ?

This video is intended to accompany gallery installations and Drancel Chromæsthesia art exhibitions, but it could also be used at club and music events.

[ARCHIVAL] The Drancing accelerometer sensor suit "air instrument"

 ARCHIVAL (2008): This content is now considered historical only!

The Drancing system was a sensor suit with embedded triaxial accelerometers developed by Dr Darren Kelly from 1996 to 2005 for creation of music and computer visuals using real-time synthesis of signals from dance movement and other body motion (gestures) and triggering of samples. The name Drancing originally meant "drumming-by-dancing".