Where do the names Drancing and Drancel come from?

Dr Darren explains the history:

Many years ago, in about 1996, I began development of a sensor suit musical instrument using sensors for making music with your whole body, which I called "Drumming-by-Dancing", but that was too long, so I shortened it to Drancing.

As I moved away from the sensor suit format to more flexible wearable sensors and embedded electronics, I called each motion-controlled synthesis unit (or synthesis "atom") a Dr

[ARCHIVAL] Video: Drancing accelerometer music with Wiimotes: 3D variable frequency oscillators + amplitude variation + triggered "air drum" samples

 ARCHIVAL (2008): This content is now considered historical only!

Demonstrated combined variable frequency oscillator, amplitude variation, and triggered Drum sample ("Drumming by Dancing") modes along with Drancel (R,G,B) monitor visuals projected onto the "Drancer" performer. For this demonstration two hand-held Wiimotes were used, with a version of DranceWare written in PureData/GEM running on a MacBook Pro.