Functional allocation of a CallBehaviorAction (usage level) in an Activity Diagram to elements in a BDD


The slide shows some possible CallBehaviorAction allocations, the "classic" functional (behavioral) allocation using Action in SysML.

Not all of these kinds of possible (allowed) allocations shown here are recommended!
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The allocation from CallBehaviorAction allocateMeToPart (of type BasicActivity) to part Property part of type SubBlock - both at usage level - is a recommended allocation strategy.

The allocation from the usage level CallBehaviorAction allocateMeToBlock (of type BasicActivity) to Block at definition level is definitely not recommended:

The allocations here have in fact been done using this sneaky tool feature: But an easier - and in many ways more intuitive - approach for allocating any Action is to use AllocateActivityPartition "swimlanes" as shown next .
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