Figure 15-4: Behavior Allocation

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When following Webel Best Practice please: Instead: Also: The confusing part properties named 'Part5', 'Part7' and 'Block1' in the specification diagram have been renamed here 'part5', 'part7' and 'block1', and the action 'Action1' has been renamed 'action1'. Some MagicDraw/Cameo tool problems and limitations (may be partly due to spec problems):
Could not reproduce the qualified path name for the allocatedTo compartment on Activity6
The path callout for the allocatedTo is '«part» Block4::Block7::part7'; the spec has '«part» Block4.Part5.Part7'
Could not display the qualified path name Part2:block1in the header for the swimlane
Concerning the spec text: Note also concerning: When it refers to 'behavior allocation' here it includes usage level allocation from an Action to a Property, it does not only mean Behavior (definition level) to Classifier.
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