The quark Package Diagram so far

As always, elements elicited in Parsing Analysis diagrams are then moved into the main model. In Package Diagrams, only selected information is exposed:
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This resulting diagram is a bit busier than a typical Package Diagram - and not quite as shiny as a science poster on a geek kid's bedroom wall - but it's not bad as a top-level summary of the Quark and nearest neighbour elements in the SysML model.

Note how compared with the previous Parsing Analysis diagram, a lot of elicited information has been left off, such as the Anti Associations and details of the QuarkElementaryCharge parametrics calculation etc. This information is still in the model and can be exposed as needed in more detailed focus BDDs.

By contrast, note how this Package Diagram does include some elements from other Models/Packages such as Hadron, Baryon, Neutron, Proton, to try to place the Quark in context. These elements can then be left off a focus BDD for Quark.

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