The Quark block's focus BDD so far

The focus BDD for Quark exposes more features:
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For no particular reason other than to show that this form of the information is also in the model, this BDD shows the «antiparticle» Dependency relationships rather than the Anti Associations that were shown in the previous Package Diagram slide. Recall that, while such «antiparticle» Dependencies between blocks as "classes of particles" represent the antiparticle concept well, they are not available to InstanceSpecifications and can't be used to type Connectors.

Because this trail is primarily about using the  Webel Parsing Analysis recipe for SysML® for creating taxonomies, not particle physics per se, we aren't going to introduce the other quantum numbers of quarks here yet (noting also they require significantly more physics and maths). Instead, we are going to see next how quarks are important constituents of protons and neutrons.

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