KeplerianRefractor: simple image flow model: context IBD with itemProperty


A context IBD for a very simple port-based image flow model for a KeplerianRefractor with an eyepiece:

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The transformation of the image of a :DistantObject is represented as properties objectImage of type OpticalImage, image of type KeplerianObjectiveImage, and viewedImage of type KeplerianViewedImage, each assigned as the 'itemProperty' of a Connector within a property :KeplerianRefractor within a context.

It's important to understand that the Connectors DO NOT represent the light path geometry in any sense; they represent the image flow topology only

Information about each 'itemProperty' can be exposed by additionally displaying its property symbol and using the so-called SysML IBD compartments, in this case to show the underlying :values for image and viewedImage:

This capability would be handy:
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